Walking slowly with Jesus in high speed world.

Slower but Deeper, a way of following Jesus.

Knowing Jesus as my Saviour is the greatest privilege of my life. It began when I was just over five years old, and my story is that He has kept me over all these years. I owe everything to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Being one of the Pastors at a city centre church in Leeds has been part of God`s purpose and plan for me, and I am deeply grateful to Him for His love, grace, kindness and mercy. It has now been more than twenty five years since I began to serve God in this and role I have seen Him at work in so many ways. In fact, of course, without Him there is no fruit from our efforts even though we might genuinely desire to see His Kingdom come.

Ministry happens when Jesus flows through us. This is exactly what He taught us in John Chapter 15.

However, it`s a fact easily forgotten in the busyness of life. The world we live in is “speed addicted” and if results are not immediate we imagine something is profoundly lacking. This can also apply to our personal walk and relationship with Him. We imagine that He wants instantaneous near perfection.

But the truth is, that God often works “at the speed of a seed”. And the progress of a seed is often out of site, noiseless, and slow. Jesus spent three years with the disciples and must, at times have found a deep sense of frustration with the time it took for them to learn and understand. In Mathew chapter 15 ,after Peter has asked Jesus to explain the parable about plants that need to be pulled up, Jesus asks “Are you still so dull?” And in Mark chapter 4, after He had stilled the storm He asks them quite bluntly, “Do you still have no faith?”

This does not mean that being slow to learn or to grasp spiritual truth is a virtue or some kind of badge of honour. But it does show that Jesus is patient. And I think sometimes, He is more patient with us than we are with ourselves.

If what you really desire is to know God more deeply and to love Him, then learn to walk slowly with Him. Beware the call of fast faith; what is really meaningful is often built slowly and deeply. Walk with Jesus, and let Him lead you at the speed of a seed. Deeper, slower is often God`s way. And deeper slower may just enable us to enjoy the journey more than we ever thought possible.

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